The Proprietor :

Romi Gill is a well known personality, an avid bird watcher, environmentalist, squash champion, an ex- industrialist & the first to discover the beauty and potential of the Old Kasauli road.

Shiv Parbat :

Shiv Parbat, the hill on which the property is perched, is of significant importance to the locals of the area, according to local belief, the hill is a beacon of geo-magnetic energy hence has always supported a rich diversity in terms of flora and fauna. Two types of forest zones constitute the ecosystem of the hill; the sub tropical pine forests & tropical deciduous - thorn forests.

The jungle folk which find sanctuary in these parts include mammals like the occasional Leopard, Barking deer (Muntjac), Ghoral, White throated Martin, Small Indian Civet, and Porcupine etc. The avian fauna include raptors like the Lesser/Spotted Eagles, Hawks, Kestrels, Hummingbirds, Khaleej pheasants, Black Partridges, Mountain Quail, Red jungle fowl etc. and many migratory birds like the Griffon Vulture.

The Lower thickets are a haunt of the regal Sambar deer & the menacing Wild Boar.

"I personally believe that whatever one dreams while staying at Birds View, their dreams automatically come true, as mine did… Birds View." - Amardeep Singh Gill (Prop.)